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Main products: Finished hexagon head bolts conforming to national standards including GB30-76, GB21-76, GB5780-GB5783-86(Grade 4.8, Grade 8.8), diameter is M6-M30 and length is 16mm-200mm Processing customized business: Bolt with reduced stem, tower bolt, lockable bolt, anchor bolt, stud bolt, galvanized bolt, DIN933-931 bolt, bolt of American National Standards Institute (ANSI), bolt of British Standards (BS), bolt of Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) ISO and matching products,and a variety of shaped bolts manufactured according to he requirement of customers.
Product Description
  • hex nuts


    Product Detail:

    machine and equipment screw grade standard material diameter length surface 3.6 (A)DIN (A)Carbon Steel m6-m30 10mm-250mm (A)zinc 4.6 1.DIN933 1.C1008 1/4''-1''' 1/2''--10'' 1.white zinc 4.8 2.DIN931 2.C1010 2.white and blue 5.6 3.DIN960 3.C1020 3.yellow zinc 5.8 4.DIN961 4.C1035 (B)plain 6.8 5.DIN558 5.C1045 C) Black 8.8 6.DIN601 6.Q235 D)H.D.G 10.9 7.DIN7990 7.Q195 (E)CR3+zinc (B)ISO (B)Swrch35k (F)CR6+zinc 1.ISO4014 C)45# (G)dacromet 2.ISO4017 (C)BS (D)ANSI/ASME 1.)size:m6-m30,1/4''-1'' 2.)length:10mm-250mm,1/2''--10'' 3grade:4.6,4.8 ,5.6,5.8,6.8,8.8,10.9 4)finish:zinc, black, plain,H.D.G 5) material :Carbon Steel,swrch35k,45# 6)thread;BSW,BSF,UNC,UNF etc. 7)certifications: ISO9001:2000, 8)Our products are widely used in aerospace, automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, construction, transportation, electric power, electronics, chemicals, and home appliances, military industry and other industries 9)packing: 50kg sacks in bulk, 20sacks/pallet25kg/carton,36cartons/pallet,50 kg sacks or 25kg carton lined with plastic bags+ strong wooden pallet AND at buyer's option 10)delivery lead time: 30days If you have any qustion,please feel free to contact me tel: +86-310-15176079498, +86-310-6889158 fax+86-310-6888669 close
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